Thursday, September 13, 2012

Take That Rocky Mountain!

     We got a letter from the electric company telling us that we are energy hogs. They even went so far as to compare our energy usage to our neighbors. Wasn't that nice of them. Apparently we use three times the amount of electricity as these energy conscious folks. And believe me we pay for the privilege.
     If you looked at every house that shares our property line the largest family has four people residing there.   
     What the people at Rocky Mountain Power have failed to take into consideration, however, is that we have 14 people living in our house right now. We also have five refrigerators, one freezer, two washers and dryers, TV's, laptops, and all the other assorted toys that we first worlder's enjoy. 
      If all the adults living here moved out and into their own houses we would have six different households spawning from us. If each of these households used two hundred dollars worth of electricity a month that would be more than double what we are paying this month, even with the A/C running 24/7 in August. When you look at it that way, we are saving electricity and resources.
     I wonder what they would do if everyone suddenly started to conserve energy in a big way and their revenue dropped drastically? How would they answer to the stockholders then? Rocky Mountain should be sending me a letter telling me what a good job we are doing or at least shut the heck up. After all we are paying for their summer vacations.