Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's All Walmart's Fault!

     What is it about Walmart that makes my mind go totally blank? I usually have a pretty good memory, but the mental list I keep in my head of things I need from Walmart goes right out of my head the minute I walk in the door.
     As I am driving I think to myself, milk, bread, 10 cans of potato soup, bananas, paper plates, shampoo and soft scrub. Then I walk in the door and it's like, "I think bananas were on the list."
     My poor mind starts wandering, along with my body, up and down the long aisles of food and all the other fun stuff and I fill my cart with things I need, but not what I went for. Cookies! Yumm!
     I know deep down I should make a list. That reminds me we need Ritz crackers and dog food, but I just jump in the car and go, sure of my ability to remember so few a number of items. Did I buy Bay Leaves the last time I was there? I better get them because you can never be out of Bay Leaves.
     And what about Pasta Roni? I think it was on sale somewhere, but where? I could save eight cents a box if I could remember. And what kind was it that most of the fam didn't like? Am I even having that with dinner? The kids were begging for Doritos, but if they aren't on sale, I'm not buying. Were they on sale? Was that last week?
     You can see this is a problem and I totally blame it on Walmart and all the fun and yummy stuff they have there. It's overwhelming. How can I remember my ten items when I am surrounded by millions of good tasting and fun things. Heaven help me!

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