Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break

     Spring Break, it's a mixed blessing. I got to go to bed last night without worrying about all the details of a school day bouncing around in my head. You know the kind, do they have clean socks? Are we going to be able to find the missing library book? What about the red folder? Did I sign it or not? I have to make sure they brush their teeth before we get to school. That kind of stuff.
     On the other hand, they are home all day. ALL DAY. And to make it worse they are all hopped up on candy from the Easter bunny. The older siblings look forward to that, let me tell you. There are arguments about what to watch on TV and who has what spot on the couch. Who has to empty the dishwasher. Scratch that one, they argue about that everyday. And I get to hear, "There's nothing to eat in the whole house!" Always said like they are going to die with their next breath, about one-thousand times a day.
     All in all Spring Break is just a preview of what is to come for summer vacation. Which starts in about nine weeks and counting. And don't think we're not looking forward to that.

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