Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Few Things I Miss In California

     Our family went to In and Out last night for dinner.  That may not seem like a big deal to all of my Cali. friends, but to transplanted Californians who craved the taste of In and Out, and we're denied for so long, it is special.  You see the In and Out in Centerville only opened a few months ago.  Before that the only In and Out was way over in Draper.  And if you have read my blogs for any amount of time you know how we Utahans feel about leaving our neighborhoods for anything, even the delicious taste of a double-double, fries and a chocolate shake.  It was one of the things you take for granted when you live in Cali. and you can get it any time.
       A few of the other things I miss is the chicken salad and fried zucchini from Archibald's Burgers in good ole Ontario.  You just can't find good fried zucchini here. It is very disappointing.  And the chicken salads with sliced egg and a whole, chicken breast that was hot off the grill, on top of cold lettuce with ranch dressing. Yummm!  I'm sorry Utah, but cold chicken on lettuce, what is up with that? 
     And while I'm talking differences, the folks here in Utah seem to think that Root beer is a substitute for Dr. Pepper. Not! I can't tell you how many times we've gone to a restaurant and asked the server if they have Dr.Pepper and they say, "No, but we have root beer."  I can see if someone asked for Coke and they said we only have Pepsi, or Sprite for Sierra Mist, but root beer for Dr. Pepper.  Totally not the same.
     And I really miss Weinerschnitzel's chili-cheese dogs. We have a Weinerschinitzel, but it's way up in Ogden and if you've been reading my blog you know that...never mind. We have an El Pollo Loco here also, but it's way down in Lehi.  That is way out of the neighborhood.  And the lack of really good Mexican food is depressing. How I wish I could say we have a Carmen's here, but alas, Azusa, Cali. is the only one anywhere and it was worth having to face the owner, who still wears her hair in a beehive, who when she pointed you to your table, it felt like you were being sent to the naughty corner in grammar school.  "Yes, Mrs. Beehive I'll sit in the corner, but could you please, if it's not too much trouble, bring me some of the nachos covered in melted cheese and some of that to die for sour cream dressing? Please I won't ask for anything else, I promise."  Seriously, the hubby and I started eating there when we were dating and the first time she smiled at us was right before we moved out of state. I guess it takes some people longer to warm up than others.
     In case you are thinking that I (we) are obsessed with our food, let me tell you we are, totally, I wouldn't deny it.  Our family can feast on a ten course meal, and be so full that we can hardly move, and it is inevitable someone will say, "So what's for dinner tomorrow night?" 
     I suppose we should reel it in a little bit and every now and then we try, but then we get hungry again.  Speaking of being hungry, did I mention Northwoods Inn?  Oh my gosh, the green salad there is sooo good!!!  And the cheese toast!!!

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  1. Mom, for my graduation I wanna go to Steak n Stein. It the same owners as northwoods but BETTER! I know, hard to believe but true!