Friday, March 11, 2011

Yaaayyy!!! It's Time to Spring Ahead

     This Sunday in the time change everyone set your clocks ahead one hour.  That means that we will be getting up earlier and the sun will stay up later.  It is a sure sign that spring is here and summer is just around the corner. 
     I've been dreading this coming Sunday since we turned the clocks back last fall.  I don't know why.  It's not the hour of sleep we lose in the morning, well, okay, it is a little bit.  Why would anyone want to get up earlier than normal, but that's not it entirely.  After giving it a lot of thought I think it is because when we change the clocks it makes me realize that time is flying by way too fast for me.  Next week is the end of third term for the kids at school. That means we have only ten weeks or so until summer vacation.  That means I will have all the kids home all day long, everyday, all day for the whole stinking summer.  Not that their is anything wrong with that, but I want to give you a sample of what my day in going to be like. "Their is nothing to eat in this whole stupid house!" Their is nothing to do." "I'm sooo board!" "Why can't we go to the Roy Pool everyday?" "Their is nothing to eat in this whole dumb house!" "Can we get Taco Bell for lunch?" Why can't all ten of my friends come in the house and play all day long?"  "It's too hot to go outside."  "Why don't you buy some good food for once?!"  You get the picture.
     I wish I was one of those mothers that can't wait for summer so I can spend every waking moment with my sweet, wonderful, obedient, kind, non-nagging, always happy children, but I'm not.  So, there it is.  I love my kids, but I like them better when they're in school. That probably makes me sound like a bad mom. I don't think so.  I think it makes me honest.     


  1. It's funny cause I can hear Kaelyns voice when reading most of those complaints lol. I love having an extra hour of daylight. That means it won't be dark when Jesse comes home from work and we can go do things in the daylight like tennis! Thanks for this post, now I am excited!!

  2. I wish school was 24/7. Oh wait there is a school that's 24/7? It's boarding school. Yes I like!!!