Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seinfeld Lives On, At Least At Our House

     As anyone who read my blog from yesterday can tell we are Seinfeld fans.  "No Soup For You!"  The funny thing about that is the hubby and I never once watched it while it was on TV.  Can you believe it?  Not once the whole nine years that it ran, did we watch it.  When the show ended it felt like the whole country was in mourning.  My mom and dad and my sister and her husband talked about it a lot.  The hubby and I looked at each other and said "What have we been doing for the last nine years?" He shrugged and said, "I don't know."  That's what he says for everything so I'm pretty sure I've got that right.
      I'll tell you what we were doing, he was working and I was taking care of kids.  In 1989 I had five kids nine and under and if you've ever tried to wrestle five kids into bed on a nightly basis you know what that is like. It is never ending potty runs and last minute sips of water.  By the time the show had run its course in 1998 I had eight kids.  You can see why we never sat down to watch the show.
     Thank heaven for syndication.  We were able to catch up after the fact and we came to realize something, life is a Seinfeld episode.  My mother-in-law was sharing an experience the other day and I told my husband,  it's the big salad episode!  You remember when George was mad because he didn't get the credit for buying the big salad.  One of our favorite episodes is, "The Fire," when Kramer reenacts the fight he has on the bus while driving Toby's baby toe to the hospital.  Jerry says, "You kept making the stops!?" and Kramer says, "They kept ringing the bell."  We have laughed so hard we cried.  And one of our most mimicked lines is the famous, "You've got to see the baby," said in that nerve-grating New Yorker accent.  We've said that a lot this year since we have added three new grandbabies.  At least once a week we refer something we said, did or heard to the show.  It makes us happy.


  1. LOVE Seinfeld!! I actually remember dad watching it once and I HATED it because I was too little to understand the jokes...

  2. Ya. I <3 it also! Favorite show of all time!