Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ten Reasons Why He Loves Me

     Well, it's Wednesday and I am off to the airport to pick up the hubby. Lucky for him I haven't had any arguments in my head, at least not yet.  Sunday night before he left for Cali, I told him that since I had done a blog on "Ten Reasons I Love My Husband," it would be nice if I could post ten reasons he loves me.  Of course, knowing him the way I do, I had already had the whole conversation in my head before the words ever left my mouth.  And right on cue he said, "Do I have to?"  And he was wearing that look, you know the one, like when you've gained a few pounds and you both know it and yet you ask, "Do I look fat in these pants."  and you can see him thinking, if I say no you look great, she'll know I'm a liar, but if I say, yeah, they're a little tight, she'll kill me in my sleep the first chance she gets.  There's no way out of this someone kill me now.  That look. He was a good sport though, and these are the reasons he gave.  I've included the translation just to make it easier for you.

You take care of me=I can't figure out the remotes and I can't find the basketball games without you.
You hold down the fort.=Without you the lights, gas, water, phone and cable wouldn't work and a foreclosure notice would be on the door. 
Your always( most of the time) positive.=He added the (most of the time) with fear in his eyes.
You smell good.=He tells me that a lot and I really like it.
I like the way you laugh=He has never told me that ever.
You're a good mom=That made me want to cry and be an even better mom.
You're honest and a good example for our family=This touched my heart.
You're my best friend=I was totally falling in love all over again.
If I got to runaway, you're the person I would want to run away with.=Let's go, we're outta here baby!
You sing good. haha.=Then he had to ruin it.
I want to die before you.=See 1 and 2.
You pick me up at the airport every week=Well who else in going to do it?
You're cute.=He redeemed himself with this last one.
     Did you notice that he actually came up with thirteen reasons why he loves me, all by himself.


  1. I didn't gag until he said you were cute... GROSS.

  2. I think it's sweet! Although the one about you smelling good kinda grossed me out. Not too bad though.

  3. That's Gary! I felt like I was there for this conversation!! ba ha ha!! MEN!!!