Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

     In case you didn't know March Madness has begun.  At our house that's not a big deal. It's HUGE!!!  It means the adult kids are here almost every night, with all the grandkids and spouses.  We even have a few friends stop by just to catch up on all the action. Their is hooting and hollering and everyone is comparing their brackets.
      Of course that means we have to come up with some March Madness worthy meals.  That's really the hard part because we have gone way past cheap pizza in this house.  Not that the kids are against it, but the adults have moved on. I think some homemade chili may be in order, but then we all have to suffer the consequences of that meal, if you know what I mean.
     It's crazy here, their could be between 10 to 20 people vying for space on the couch. Their is yelling and screaming and cheering. All in all, it's a great time. Loud, but great.  This brings our family closer.  They are still talking about how well or how badly they did last year with their brackets.  
      I don't mind watching the games, but I can get in some okay reading time too. I say okay because it can be hard to concentrate with all the hooting and hollering going on. So lets give a cheer for good old March Madness. Yippy! and bring on the hot wings. 


  1. I dont have the time to even TRY to watch basketball anymore :( maybe one day.

  2. Katie I go to moms to watch the games but am always busy chasing my kids around that I barely get to watch them at all...