Monday, March 7, 2011

The Things I Think When I Should Be Sleeping.

     Do you ever have a hard time sleeping at night?  I do.  No matter how tired my body is, their are times I just can't get my mind to shut down.  I come from a long line of women that have the same problem and it seems I've passed it on to my children.  We don't even have to be facing a crisis to have these kinds of nights.  Here's a sample of what goes through my mind.
    Did I lock the front door? Did I feed the fish?  When was the electric bill due? Did I book Gary's flight for the following Wednesday?  I really need to clean out the fridge in the basement. I should do the one in the kitchen first. What if someone comes to visit and they decide they want a sandwich and I can't make it for them and they open the fridge and accidentally grab the leftover spaghetti that is turning green in the very back of the fridge and they call Child Protection Services and they take the kids away. Ummm, long, uninterrupted naps, a lot less laundry, I could clean stuff and it would stay clean. No, no kids would be bad.
     Did I say my prayers or was that last night? I wonder if the boys have clean jeans for school tomorrow?  Did I leave the towels in the washer? If I did they are going to be really musty tomorrow and I'll have to rewash them.  That would be a waste of water and laundry soap. Am I out of laundry soap? I better put that on my list for Walmart.  Where is my list? I need to make a new list. A permanent list.  I'll make one on my computer tomorrow then I just have to mark what I need.  Before I go I should clean the pantry and see what I'm low on.  I think I might be out of refried beans. I should make an inventory list for the pantry. I should make an inventory list of the food storage stuff in the basement.  It would really be cool if every time I took something out of the food storage room it would automatically go on a list and- I know I can find someone to develop software that keeps track of that kind of stuff.  I could make a fortune.  What would I do with all that money?  I would build a new house with a bigger family room, kitchen and a play room for the grandkids.  That would be cool.  We could have an indoor swimming pool.  I don't want to have to clean a pool. I know I could hire a pool service.  I could hire a landscaper and not have to do all that work again.  What time is it? I should really be sleeping.  I'm going to be so tired tomorrow.
     And so it goes until the wee hours and even though not much sleep was had, I still have to get up and get everyone out the door and then I have to find that darned Walmart list. I know I'll make a permanent list and...      


  1. lol, I have nights like that sometimes, exercising during the day helps me sleep better at night.

  2. Thank u for that disease. Appreciate it. In fact it's 3:48am and I'm catching up On your blog bc my mind brain won't turn off.