Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

     It's finally here, election day. I'm glad that we will be done with this craziness for a while. I know that if Romney wins the Democrats will be in mourning and if Obama wins the Republicans will be having conniptions. Either way, neither will be able to please half the population.
     I am sad to say that, in my opinion, we have reached a new low in our country. We have lost the ability to be civil to others. Especially those who have a different opinions than we do. When did it become okay to call people names and ridicule their beliefs? We have crossed a threshold that there is no backing away from. And our political leaders are right in there leading the pack.
     Is it any wonder that our children are bullying each other mercilessly when we have set that example. It makes me sad the basic politeness appears to be a thing of the past. How will our elected officials be able to work together to solve all these huge problems with such animosity between them?
    I fear for our future if we all don't start acting like adults instead of two-year-olds who have temper tantrums when they don't get there way.

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