Friday, November 9, 2012

Snow, Snow, Snow

     I am so happy this morning. It's snowing. I love the snow. Being from California, I didn't get to watch the snow when I was little, or get to stay home from school for the occasional snow day. When we moved her five years ago we weren't sure how the now was going to affect our lives and to be truthful it hasn't all that much.
    The hubby doesn't have to drive to work in it so that's not a problem and the city is pretty quick to clear the streets if the snow is heavy enough. We have found most of the time that the snow melts on the streets first anyhow. Other than the one year, I think it was 2009, we haven't even had enough snow to build the sled run that is our goal every winter.
     I'm hoping for more snow this year, especially at Christmas time. I would love for it to snow either the day before or the day of Christmas. That would be awesome.
     As for today, I'm happy that our mountains are getting a fresh blanket and I'm going to turn on my fireplace and make some homemade hot chocolate. Yumm.
     And let's keep the fact that the snow here isn't that big of a deal to ourselves.
     The snow here is awful folks. It's four feet deep and getting deeper. Don't move here. :)

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