Friday, November 30, 2012

If I were in Charge

     I'm starting a new category on my blog today and it will be called, "If I were in charge." The first thing I want to talk about is college classes. If I were in charge I would change all the stupid, time wasting classes you are required to take just to satisfy your general ed and move on the the classes you really need to get your degree of choice.
     I understand that the powers that be will say they want students to be well rounded when it comes to their education, but I suspect that it's more a matter of squeezing out more dollars from these students before they leave school forever. For example my son was required to take a class about classical music. His major is Bio-medical engineering. So what the heck does classical music have to do with that? This class is costing him six hundred dollars. SIX HUNDRED! And he hates it.
     If I was in charge I would require a few general ed things that were basic and more geared toward dealing with the day to day working world, like how about a psychology class that deals with co-workers, conflict resolution, dealing with the public, something you might actually use in the working world.
     There is so much wrong with this country and the way things are done that it drives me crazy. It seems we have lost our common sense.


  1. And speaking of that.... can we make classes easier to get? Wes needs 4 more general classes, but since he took a few years off he is low man when it comes to registering. So every semester it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to get the dang classes he needs, so he keeps taking stupid classes, just to stay in school and attempt to get what he needs next time.

  2. Hi April, I know that was a real problem for Katie when she was in school in Cali. There's too many students and they keep cutting back on teachers.