Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The World Would Be a Better Place

     Tomorrow sometime, I will be a grandmother again. I like to think of myself as, Mom, the sequel, because Grandma sounds old and I don't feel old.
     This will be our tenth grandchild and we have not yet begun to procreate. I am aiming for an even fifty. I figure that years and years from now I will have hundreds of descendants. They will probably look back at my life and say why on earth would she have ten kids? I know because my own kids already say this.
     Karrah was complaining about how tired and uncomfortable she is and I asked her if now she could appreciate all that I have been through over the years and she replied, "I don't know what is up with you. You're crazy." I think her having four more my not happen, but that's okay.
     Every new baby is a blessing and I can't wait to kiss her little face, and hold her, and smell her. After her bath.
     I look forward to the day she smiles for the first time. I can't wait to hear her little voice say, "Monna and Coke." That's what our grand kids call us.
     I can't wait to see who else joins our family over the years and to watch them grow and turn into whoever they are going to be.You see, in our family it's all about the kids and it always has been. If more people would see children as the they blessing they are instead of a burden the world would be a better place.

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