Monday, November 26, 2012

I Love Routine

     It's been one of those mornings already. It was a fight to get my daughter out the door and to the bus before she missed it, and it was a fight to get my two boys out the door to school. I don't know why they think I'll believe their pathetic attempts to play sick. I mean really, I was a kid once too a long, long, long time ago. Of course I never pulled that stuff. (I can hear my mom's laughter right now.)
     I love the fact that they go to school. It's the only time I can think without the constant whine of little whiners in the background. You know what I mean, "I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat," or "He's had the computer for the whole day and it's my turn," or "She's been in the bathroom forever and I gotta go." Mind you we have seven bathrooms in this house, but they always want to use the one that's occupied. I totally blame their dad for this one.
     I am looking forward to the holidays, but I can promise you now that I will be looking forward to them going back to school in January just as much. There is something comforting about getting back into the routine of a routine. Ya know?

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