Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An Empty Pantry

     I hate to admit this, but the shopping carts at Walmart just aren't big enough. I know I should be grateful they are the size they are because, in theory, a smaller cart keeps you from spending even more money. In my case, however, it only means I have to go more often because I can't fit everything I need into the cart in one trip.
     I spent over $200.00 there yesterday and I only got two dinners and a few necessities. I already have a new list going and I vowed to stop going there so much in an effort to save money. The only thing it has accomplished is we are out of stuff all the time. For instance, I was making enchilada casserole the other day and I didn't have enough cheese. I HATE that. It drives me crazy. I was so much happier when my food storage was up and running, but little by little we have run out of things and since I have been trying to save money when we go to the store I haven't been restocking, just getting what I need for now.
    It's a double-edged sword and it cuts both ways. So this year is the year of re-stocking food storage, both long term, anybody need to borrow some rice, I have 400 pounds of it, to the daily stuff.
     Here in lies another problem for a family my size, I have to make a special trip just for food storage.
     When you buy 150 bags of sugar it takes up a cart or two, so there is no room left for things like bread, eggs and cereal.
     So I am back to square one, off to Walmart I go to stock up.
     I think this would qualify for a first world problem.

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