Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Object!

     I have to admit that I didn't watch the state of the union address last night for several reasons. First of all, I can't stand the way President Obama talks. It's like watching William Shatner over act as James T Kirk. His little pauses for dramatic effect drive me crazy. Is that the right effect, or is it affect. I can never remember the rule for that one.
     Second and the biggest is, I don't like being lied to. Which is also the reason I didn't make it a point to watch the debates. If the old rhyme, liar, liar pants on fire, had come true, it would have been a fire storm of epic proportions.
     And I am not bashing one political party here. They are all liars and I've had it up to my eyeballs. I'm sick to death of our nations leader manipulating the facts to their advantage.
     And the media, which used to try to be unbiased, putting there own spin on everything. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!!!!!
     If I want to be lied to, all I have to do is listen to my nine-year-old who cracked open a Sprite with his breakfast and then had the nerve to tell me to my face, "I didn't know I wasn't supposed to have soda with my breakfast."
    And my eleven-year-old who couldn't believe I was freaking out when I found, once again, clean and folded clothes in the hamper. "You said to put the clothes in the hamper."
     It amazes me how they twist reality to suit their naughtiness. 
     Oh my gosh, I'm raising politicians!  NNNNOOOO!!!

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