Friday, March 15, 2013

And the Race is On

     My life seems to be a daily challenge to be prepared for what comes next. I try to be organized and plan ahead, but I, more often than not, fail miserably.
     Yesterday the hubby decided he would like bar-b-qued hamburgers for dinner with potato salad and a special jello I make. Fine, I said, "If you will peel the ten pounds of potatoes I'll do the rest."
     Of course we didn't have the special Costco patties he loves, so first we went to the Bank and then off to Costco. While we were in Ogden we stopped by the Honda dealer to pick up a part he had ordered. Then I dropped him off because it's March and if you know us you know what that means. March Maddness!
     I ran to Del Taco to grab some lunch. And the girl gave me all mild sauce, not the medium sauce I asked for. (See yesterday's blog) Good thing I caught it before I left.
    I downed a burrito real quick then headed off to Walmart for the rest of the stuff I needed for dinner, but while I was making my list we decided that we were going to have Beef Stroganoff tonight, so I had to go back to Smith's because they have the best meat for my kind of Beef Stoganoff.  In, out and on the way to Walmart.
     An hour and a half later I have what I need for the rest of the weekend.
     I get home and unload and put it all away as the hubby starts peeling potatoes. That was when I realized that the Jello wasn't going to happen. It was too late. The hubs was irritated, but decided since I hadn't sat down once all day, he would keep it to himself for his own health and safety. Smart man.
     The potatoes were done boiling along with the eggs so I was started to get everything else ready.  Then we headed to another store to get the pickles for the potato salad. You have to have the right pickles or it's just not right. I used to have ten jars in the basement but they were used and not replaced.
     We ate at about seven last night. Finally. The point is. If I could get back to the place where my menus were done for the month I would have had most of this stuff and the Indy 500 could have been avoided, but life isn't that easy. When you have the time you don't have the money and when you have the money you don't have the time, so the race goes on, but life was a lot easier when the pantry was well stocked.
    Gotta run the flag is about to drop for today's race. Ready, set and Go!!!

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