Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kristin

     A few years ago, I had a baby. It was really more than a few years ago because she's now going to have her fourth baby. She was my first baby girl. I had a son and then a daughter. The perfect American family.     
     My mother suggested that I my family was If you know me, you know that didn't happen.
     My little girl became one of the most strong willed people I know. She drove me crazy sometimes. We were constantly bumping heads. She thought she should be in charge, but I was against it since she was only three.
     When she was seven she told her grandma that she could do anything I could do but drive a car. She conquered that as soon as she turned sixteen.
     It's funny now how two women who fought and fussed for so many years could become so much alike.
     I always tell my girls that it's inevitable, you become your mother. I usually say this with an evil laugh. :)
     I'm proud to say that she in not only my daughter, she's my friend. Happy Birthday, Kristin. 

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  1. So funny becuase that is ELLA and I already (she is 6) and she can push my buttons and drive me nuts. But I know it's because she is a I am hoping the best friend thing works out in the end. She is a strong willed little girl, but hasnt told me (YET) that she can do EVERYHTING I can, but just about everything.