Monday, March 4, 2013

Why Can't Stuff Last Anymore?

     I have a major grip this morning. My washing machine broke down yesterday. I know that these things happen, it's just a part of life, but I have come to suspect that the appliance manufacturers are purposely trying to make their products NOT last.
     I remember as a kid, my mom and dad's stuff lasting forever. If you bought a new appliance it was a big deal. You would replace your refrigerator after 20 years. The same with the washer and dryer.
     My washing machine is not even six years old yet and yesterday it decided to stop pumping the water out. Our refrigerator's ice machine is on its last leg and we can no longer use the water dispenser through the door. It also isn't six years old yet. I have had to have the repairman out for the dishwasher when it was only three years old. My mother-in-laws dishwasher died after three.
      Is this what we have come to? We ship out all our manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico and now we can't get a decent product that stands the test of time?
      When my in-laws moved from California, they still had a refrigerator in their garage the had to be forty years old. I'm sure it sucked down the electricity, but it still worked.
      I don't want to pay twice for something that should last at least ten years. First in the purchase and then in the repairs. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? It makes me crazy.

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