Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Coming and Going

     Usually on Wednesdays I pick up  the hubs at the airport, but this week he is staying an extra day in Cali. It feels weird. It's funny how one change in your regular routine can totally throw you out of whack.
     It's like when one of your kids is gone for a few days, the whole dynamics of the household change. And we are looking at big changes in the very near future around here. My daughter Karrah is getting married on Friday and she and her new husband will be staying with us for a few months. Katie and her husband will be moving out into their new house and Monica and Sofia will be coming home from Argentina where they have been visiting her family for the last couple of months.
     As you can see the dynamics of our household have been way out of whack for a while. And I am a person who likes routine. I want to get back to a regular routine. I want everyone to be where they are supposed to be. I'm funny that way. I'm like a mother hen and I want all my chicks under the sheltering umbrella of my wings. Does this make me a control freak?

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