Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tilapia and the Mother Hen

     Here's the skinny on the Tilapia, I ate it. It wasn't bad, but not as good as chicken. I will make it again and try it different ways. The only draw back is that we were hungry again later on. I could hear the fam making their way into the kitchen and finding things to nibble. I topped off with Captain Crunch before bedtime.
     On a different topic, it looks as if my daughter and her hubby and baby will be moving out soon. They are in escrow with their house and it is supposed to close on or before the 12th of April. It's going to feel very strange not hearing my little Liam in the morning. He's a yeller especially when you don't feed him fast enough. It's the Stefan in him. It's in the DNA, it screams, "feed me, feed me, now!" 
      The house they are buying is only a few miles away, but it won't be the same. I am grateful for this time in my life when most of my children either live with me or are very close. I know it won't be this way forever and that makes me sad. Even though most of my kids are adults now, I still want to cover them with my mother hen wings and protect them from the storms of life. If only it was that simple.

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  1. We'll be over more often than you like! Lol. I was also starving when I went to bed at 10. But I ignored it and didn't give into the urge for more food! Mainly because I was too lazy to get outta bed and go all the way upstairs. :)