Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Things That Bug Me

        I have been really irritated lately by all the fees we have to pay that we never agreed to. There's a fee on our cell phone bill every month that I have to pay because poor people need cell phones or so Congress decided a while ago. I can barely afford my own cell phone bill. Why should I have to pay for a cell phone for other people? Especially when they abuse the privilege and the whole program has a massive amount of fraud.
     I have no problem helping people with a job loss or health issues buy food with food stamps but when they and their family have been on food stamps their whole life I think there's a problem. It takes a lot of money to feed our family every month, but we do it.
     And now we have Obama care. I remember when a Congressman called Obama a liar for saying that people who are in this country illegally were not going to be covered, but guess what, they are, so now we, as tax payers, are going to have to foot an even higher bill to pay for them.
     Where does this end. Almost everyone I know is barely managing to get buy. How much more can we take?

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