Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No Soda For You!!!

     Does anyone else find it incredulous that New York's Mayor Bloomberg has nothing better to do than to out law large sodas for the people in New York?
     I mean really? Is the city running that smoothly? Do the people that need jobs all have them? Is their financial state in that great of shape? Is crime that low that all he has to worry about is making sure the puffy people of New York don't get more than a sixteen ounce soda with their burger and fries?
     Talk about a Nanny State, where are all the people screaming in the street that Bloomberg needs to stay out of their plastic cups? Are New Yorker's really okay with this? I can't imagine that someone on his staff didn't have the nerve to say, "Hey, Mayor, we really should focus on issues that matter."
     This really, really scares me, not because I enjoy a coke once in a while, but because it goes against what this country stands for, FREEDOM!
     Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the pursuit of happiness and all that. When the government starts taking it upon them selves to regulate how much soda you can drink, there is something VERY wrong going on in our society.
     Our rights are being slowly taken away and no one seems to be noticing. Scary, very scary.

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  1. It scares me too. I'm a grown-up and I don't need the government to parent me. Who do they think they are?
    Great post!