Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Good Sportsmanship a Thing Of the Past?

     Last night my son Ryan had a baseball game. We arrived at the park very early due to a miscommunication and were able to watch the game before ours. I have to say it was disheartening and not because any of the boys did anything wrong, it was the coach and a few of the parents from one of the teams.
     I don't understand how the concept of good sportsmanship has fallen so far so fast. Is it the over-paid professionals and their extreme egos that has caused this? Is it that basic decency isn't considered fashionable in a, "do whatever it takes to come out on top," culture? 
     The coach was telling his players to crowd the plate hoping that they would get hit and get to first base. Then he would walk out onto the field to stall the game when they were ahead. He must have called ten time outs.
     Another gem, when his third baseman got run over when he was blocking the plate and got injured he accused the runner of hurting his player on purpose, to the point where the injured kids, relatives ran onto the field to yell at the other coach and the offending player, who was crying in the dug out because he felt bad about hurting the boy. SERIOUSLY! What is up with that? Did I mention that the relative kicked open the field gate and busted the handle in the process?
     Why are some people like this? Do you get your ego stroked when a bunch of 12 year-olds win a baseball game. Is that all you have in your life that it's that important to win at all costs? If I had a kid on that team I would be embarrassed by the coaches behavior.

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