Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Does the Future Hold?

     I wonder about the future generations of our country. I wonder about our country. What will the sense of entitlement that so many people seem to harbor bring about? Are we raising kids that think everything should be handed to them on a plate with no work or effort involved? Where is this attitude going to get us in another 25 to 30 years?
     I know my kids would be considered spoiled by some people and I have to agree.
     They seem to think that as long as I have my ATM card there is money available for them to try to spend. I have assured them that that isn't how it works.
     Years ago my son was asked what his dad did for a living. He told them, "He goes to the dairy and fills his money pouch with dollars and comes home." We had quite the laugh over that one. I don't know what he thought his dad was doing the other 16 hours of the day because at the time his dad often worked sixteen and seventeen hour days. That's what happens when you are self-employed.
     I don't know that today's kids can work that hard. They seem to be geared to work easy, maybe they are willing to work long hours, but not too many of them want to do the hard physical labor of past generations.
     So many of our jobs no longer exist, they've all been sent out of the country, will there even be jobs available in 25 years? What does the future hold for them? I wonder.

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