Monday, June 24, 2013

What We Did On Our Weekend Away

     So the hubs and I went away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary and all I can say is we have VERY different ideas about what constitutes a celebration.
     Here's my ideal weekend away. Get to the hotel, relax enjoy that there are no kids bugging you to find their socks, or to make them Top Ramen, or that they aren't getting their turn on the X-box, etc, etc, etc, to infinity. Go out for a nice dinner and then go back to the hotel and watch something you've been planning to watch for the last three years and just haven't been able to.
     Sleep in our own queen-sized beds without anyone hogging anything, or burping in your face. I know that doesn't sound romantic, but when you have been married as long as we have and shared a bed with ten kids over the years you come to appreciate the space.
    If I had had my way we would have slept in and then gone for a nice breakfast and maybe to walk around the mall, or to a movie, even a drive in the mountains. The hubs idea was to stay at the hotel for the free breakfast and then back to the room to watch sports on TV and when that was done to watch the last half of six different movies because the guide for their HBO was off on their times, and we couldn't figure out what time they actually started. Then, of course a long nap, followed by more sports. We did go to dinner, I was hoping for dinner and a movie, we did dinner and then back to watch the hockey game or something.
     We did eat lunch at Olive Garden then drove around Salt Lake City for a while then back to the hotel for more of the last half of movies.
      I really wanted to see World War Z this weekend. I love all things zombie. I tried to talk the hubs into it, but it was a no go. My kids went and saw it while we were gone and loved it. What is up with that? They liked it so much they want to see it again, so today I'm going with them.
     Maybe next year I'll spend my anniversary with them.

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