Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boys, Boogers And Bird Skulls

     At a time when most of our friends are enjoying the freedom of children grown and gone, or watching the grandkids growing up from afar I still have two kids in grade school. And to add insult to injury my 10year-old has reached fifth grade. I know that doesn't mean much to most people, fifth follows fourth, but to me it means that his math is no long in the realm of my understanding. Thankfully, I have older kids that are math whizzes so I have passed the torch and let them help.
     My youngest two are both boys which was a new situation for me. All my other boys, for better or worse, were separated by sisters. I confided to a friend that I was concerned about that when I was still pregnant with my youngest. She was the mother of several boys and she assured me that, "they will just roll around like puppies all day." She was right. Ryan is very good to Scot, he lets him hang out with all of his buddies and generally watches out for him. Over all they get along, which is good they are still boys though and yesterday was one of those days when I wondered why all children can't be girls.
     I should have known something was up when the dog kept laying on Ryan's, tossed on the floor, backpack. He never does that. Later I found out why. On the floor was a baby bird skull, with the upper beak still attached. The dog was chewing on it. SICK!!!. Why on earth would anyone pick it up let alone put it in a backpack and bring it home! This is a huge difference between my sons and daughters. My girls would never even consider doing that. Next came the booger war at bedtime. Ryan pretended to wipe one on Scot so Scot got him back with the real thing. GROSS!!! After a huge fight, it all ended in tears and threats of violence.  Boys! What's up with them?

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