Thursday, September 8, 2011

"There's No Food I This Whole House!"

     Big shopping day at Walmart today. That means I bought all the things that I put off buying when we really don't have the money, things like paper towels and fabric softener. You know what I mean don't you? The last few days have been a chorus of, "There's nothing to eat in this whole house." I couldn't even make french toast because we were out of bread, eggs and we were way low on milk. That's when you know your getting down to the bare bone on food.
     With that said, I almost had a heart attack when the total came to $417.80. What the heck did I buy? The chicken legs I bought were on sale for $4.19 x 4, the ribs for $5.05, a couple of pounds of hamburger and that was it for the meat. What's up with eggs being $1.98 a dozen? I had to buy six of them because we keep running out, but $417.80. If the prices keep going up we'll be eating rice and beans. I wonder how the prices can keep going up and people survive?
     My family is probably sick of me talking about how much prices have gone up, but as a SAHM, (stay at home mom) my contribution is trying to save money for my family and I feel like I can't maintain our standard of living without spending a fortune. "Our standard of living" it sounds like we live in luxury which isn't the point I am trying to make. The point I am trying to make is we are going to stop having steak and start eating mac and cheese a few nights a week.  You all understand what I'm saying don't you?


  1. Totally understand mom! It doesn't help that you're feeding everybody on this side of the Mississippi river :) you should ask some of your adult kids that eat there more than once a week to help pitch in. It's hard for you guys to feed everyone. I really think that's all you could do.

  2. Katie you act like we eat there every night...We actually try not to go over as much anymore. We go over on Friday and or Saturday. I used to go over every Sunday too but started cutting that out a little so Mom and Dad can relax a bit.

  3. Ok geesh. I dunno how often anybody eats there. But I'm sure if it were a lot you'd be willing to help with food costs sometimes. Just making suggestions.