Friday, September 23, 2011

I Want My Oreo's Back!!!

     We are having to buy a new microwave for our kitchen. It quit working about a year ago and we have been making due with a really old on the counter. Our original microwave was built into the kitchen cabinet above our ovens. This kept the counter space more open and since we are having company this weekend the hubby finally want to replace it. What is irritating about this whole situation is that the microwave was only three years old when it went out. Three years! I'm not an engineer, but shouldn't something that pops popcorn and heats up frozen corn-dogs last longer than three years?! I don't do much microwaving, but the fam does use it to heat things up.
     When we bought our house we added the upgraded GE stainless steel appliance package. We thought we were being so smart. All brand new, all brand name and all upgraded from the standard appliances. If I could afford it I would replace them and get a different brand. We have had to have the repair guys out so many times I know their life stories.
     What is the most maddening about the microwave is we went and purchased the new model replacement microwave (our model was discontinued) brought it home and started to install it when we realized the stainless steel frame that goes around the microwave doesn't fit even though the new one is supposed to be the replacement model. The screw holes don't line up and there is a ridge of metal on the bottom of the microwave that makes the microwave not set flat, so guess what, you have to buy a new frame kit.
      You have no idea how mad this makes me. It is flat out corporate greed. GE could have produced the new model to fit the old frame, but then GE would be out all that extra money we pay for a frame kit, which is almost as expensive as the microwave itself.
     This is another example in the ocean of examples of what is wrong with America. As we have gotten away from our core values of morality and do unto others, we have forgotten that greed is one of the seven deadly sins. Exxon making record profits while raising the cost of gasoline during a time when the American consumer is facing a recession and people are losing their jobs and homes. Banks illegally foreclosing on homes after we bailed them out. Companies giving you less and charging the same prices. Don't think I don't know what you're up to Nabisco, with your new smaller package of Oreo's at the same price. As if they weren't expensive enough.
     What ever happened to getting value for your dollar? How much money do these companies need to make before they are satisfied? I do believe in the free market and earning and paying your own way, but when it seems like the corporate world is out to make paupers of all of us while they make their billions of dollars it makes me see red. Does anyone else notice this trend? Does it make you as angry as it does me?

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