Friday, September 2, 2011

My Fall Projects

     Good morning everyone, did you notice that I changed the background for my blog? It was time for a change because it is September. The beginning of a new season. Yes, I know that fall doesn't officially begin until later in the month, but for me September first is the beginning of fall.
     Here in Utah we are having a cooling trend and the air is a little bit cooler. The last two nights we were able to shut off our air conditioner and open the windows and it was bearable. I love that. I love that the weather is changing and soon the leaves on the trees will be turning colors and folks will be putting pumpkins on their front porches. It feels like the start of something new, almost like New Years and when it feels like this I start thinking about setting some goals, or refocusing on old ones.
     We have had three pretty big projects on our list for a while now. 1. Paint the garage floor with that paint and epoxy coating to protect it and make it less slippery in the winter when snow melts on it. 2. Get a garden shed so we can get all the yard stuff out of the garage so we can paint the floor. And 3. Get the metal ring for around our in-ground trampoline so the dirt stays out of the hole we had dug. We have been planning on getting a garden shed for the backyard since we moved here and it has been three years since we did the landscaping so it's time. Will we have the money is the question? If we can get a shed it will be one of the put- it-together-yourself-sheds, because they are less expensive and we need to do this before we can paint the garage floor, because we have to have somewhere to go with all the stuff in the garage.
     Do you see how it's all a vicious cycle you can't move on until something else gets done first. And you can't do any of them until you have the money. That's the real circle of life.  :)

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