Thursday, September 22, 2011

Companies Coming, Ready, Set, Clean!

     We're going to be having company in the next few days. Why is it that knowing there are going to be visitors in our house makes you see things with new eyes. Now I see the finger prints on the wall and the dust on the appliances. It's like we have moved into a different house and the housekeeper has been on vacation. The windows will be needing a touch up and the kids room a complete overhaul. There are bushes that need trimming outside and the garage floor needs to be swept, after a reorganizing of the garage itself.
     Funny how we can live like we do and be fine, but when people who you don't see on a regular basis are coming you see things through their eyes. On the plus side it gets things cleaned up in a way that wouldn't happen otherwise. On the minus side, down deep I don't really think they will notice our dusty garage floor, but if it gets the hubby to get the kids up and moving, I'm all for it.
     One last thought, if someone doesn't want to be our friends because of a dusty garage floor they probably aren't worth knowing anyhow. Ya know what I mean. :)

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