Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Karly!

     Today is my daughter Karly's birthday. She is a whopping twenty-four years old. Out of all my daughters, she is following in my footsteps the closest as she already has three kids. Karly was very much a mama's girl and I loved that. She would go to her older sister and me and that was pretty much it. She didn't want to have much to do with anyone else.  Karly was always a very tiny girl, we could carry her around all day and hardly notice, a lot like her daughter Lacee, because she was so small and got carried around so much she didn't walk until she was over fifteen months old. Karly was probably my shyest child, she got that from her father and like her father she has over come it for the most part.
     As an adult, Karly is a wife, a mother, a sister and she is becoming a great photographer. She has been doing photo shoots for friends and family and I am always amazed at how great her pictures turn out.
     I am so grateful that she and her family live close enough that I get to see them as often as I do. (my master plan of having all of my kids within a ten minute radius is working out pretty well, I just need to get her sister up here next year.)
     I am really lucky, I have family that likes to be together. In a time when families are falling apart ours is a cohesive unit and we all get along really well considering all the different personalities. Every time one of us has a birthday, or a baby or a crisis we are all near by to love, to rejoice and to offer support. Can life get any better than that?
     Happy birthday, Karly. I wish you many more.


  1. aww thanks Mom! But you forgot to mention that I am the best daughter in the whole wide world. ;) lol

  2. That's hard to swallow! Lol ;)