Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Cure For Divorce

     We watched the movie Titanic the other day, it was on TV. There is a line in the movie where Rose says, "I feel as if I am standing in a crowed room screaming and nobody notices." I hear ya, Rose. My family seems to have selective hearing and it's driving me crazy. I mean really, how many times should I have to say, "Please go and brush your teeth," to my boys before they even look at me. Do I really need to yell at them to get their attention?
     I'm sure there is some horrible, life-destroying failing I have as a parent that has made them this way, but what is the hubby's excuse. I can't tell you how many times I have said something and he says, "You never told me that." And I can say, "Yes, I did it was on Tuesday the fifth of August and you were sitting on the couch watching the game and you said, "Oh, okay. That sounds good."
     He looks at me funny and says, "I did? Well I don't remember." It shouldn't be that easy to tune out someone you have been married to for over thirty years, someone who sleeps in the same bed night after night. After all, I am the one who feeds him and washes his dirty clothes, doesn't that deserve a true listening ear? Or maybe, that's why we have been married for so long. Did I just discover the cure for divorce? Ignore each other and be happy. What do you think?


  1. I think every woman deals with kids that you have to tell a million times (or Yell) to do one thing. I also have had the problem you described with my husband not listening to what I say. Its called selective hearing. If it doesn't interest them they don't remember hearing it. MEN!!! Gotta love em' but sometimes you wanna just shoot them!!