Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Facebook and Pinterest

     Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? I do. It's great. I have reconnected with friends that I love, but who had drifted away because of how busy life can get. This makes me so happy. I can chat with relatives in California and other places near and far, in the blink of an eye. We can share happy events and challenges. We can offer support and love, all while not being inconvenienced with a phone call at a bad time. How many times has someone I really wanted to talk to called right as I am walking out the door to pick someone up? Hundreds. Facebook makes it easy for everyone.
     And as if that wasn't enough, now there is Pinterest. I love checking on the new pins friends and family have pinned several times a day and before you non-pinners think that it is another waste of time let me say, Not So. I have found and tried several great recipes off of there that I pinned onto my Yumm! board. I have found inspirational quotes that have made me try harder and feel happier on a daily basis.  My Living Healthy board has all kinds of stuff on it that makes me think it really is possible to lose a few pounds and to eat healthy. There is home decor and cute outfits, crafts, wedding ideas and so much more. And when you pin something on your board you can follow the link to the original website and find all the instructions for what ever.
    So if your Facebooking and not Pinteresting come join us and get inspired. Find me.

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