Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Variety Is The Spice Of Life.

     Today, I hope to get some of my Christmas baking done. I bought a bunch of the ingredients yesterday while spending a small fortune a Walmart. Last night while talking about this with the fam, I had to laugh, because it was just like when I ask everyone what they might like for dinner.
     "I had two people saying, aren't you going to make the Reese's candies?"
     "No, don't make those I hate those, make the little Russian Tea Cakes.
     "No, I hate those. Make the green things, I love those."
     "What about sugar cookies with frosting?"
     "I want the cashew brittle"
      And so it goes until I am making ten different goodies just to make everyone happy, just like at Thanksgiving. We had two turkeys and a ham, two different kinds of potatoes, two different kinds of vegetables and eight pies, in addition to all the other stuff. When it comes to food, the Stefan's like what they like and no ones going to change their minds or cheat their tummy's.
    Is it any wonder that I have had to take up exercising as a hobby?
    I hope your holiday baking is a little less complicated than mine is, but if you have a great recipe that everyone loves feel free to share, I can always had a new to list.

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  1. I wish I were there to enjoy the goodies with you guys!!