Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Good Mom Or A Bad Mom?

     I have often wondered what the definition of a good mom really is? The reason being, I can't quite figure out where I stand in the motherhood derby. For instance there have been times when my kids didn't like what we were having for dinner, so I let them eat cereal instead. Does that make me a good mom or a bad mom?  There have been times when I just wanted them to go to bed and I didn't care if they had brushed their teeth or not. Does that make me a good mom or a bad mom?
     There have been times when my kids have chosen friends that I didn't think were a very good influence, yet I let them reach their own decisions about that. Sometimes I was sorry and sometimes they were. I have never been a mom to stand over my kids when they did their homework because I wanted them to take responsibility for it themselves. My kids haven't always gotten the best grades due to that decision. I have always been against strange piercings and tattoos, and yet, my daughters, not my sons, have pierced tongues, ears, lips and bellybuttons and one even has a small tattoo. Does that make me a good mom or a bad mom? 
     And right now my two youngest are sleeping on a mattress they took off a bed and raised one end of it by stuffing, who knows what, under the foot part, so it's like they are sleeping on a slant board with their little knuckle-heads at a weird angle. They will probably wake up with massive headaches. Yes, I should have insisted that they put the bed back together and sleep properly, but I didn't. Does that make me a good mom or a bad mom? I wish life came with an instruction manual, because I'm not sure where I stand sometimes.

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  1. I think you're a good mom. Although some of your children could use a good beating once in a while just to remind them who's boss ;) lol.