Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Makes Christmas Special For You?

     I have long felt that the Christmas season was getting way too commercialized and we should try to remember the true reason for giving gifts during the holiday season, to symbolize the gift that the Savior, Jesus Christ, was to the world.
     We have always been so blessed at the holiday season. No matter the circumstances we found our selves in, we always had good Christmases. This year will be no different, except we won't have as much money to spend. The economic downturn has combined with rising expenses in our household to make us reevaluate what we are going to give this year. And I have to say, before anyone feels sorry for us, that it is a blessing. It makes you really stop and think about what is important in life. We have so much already, we have our family, which is really all that we need, we have our health, we have jobs, we have a beautiful home, we have the church in our lives, we have wonderful grandkids that we adore. We live in the greatest country ever and in a state that is a scenic wonder.  Like I said we are so blessed.
      How could a few store bought gifts even compare with all of that? Still, it is Christmas and the kids need something to open on Christmas morning. With all of that in mind I want to give gifts that are from the heart and not just the latest toy or item they have seen on TV. I want to give them something that will be special to them for a long time. I think this Christmas will be the best one ever.
    What kind of Christmas are you planning for your family? Do you have any special traditions that you could share that help make your Christmas about Christ and not the presents. If so please share them. I would love a few new ideas.

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  1. I just like being with my fam for Christmas, I don't even really care about the presents.