Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do I Have to Take This Abuse?

     It's raining! Yippy! I love rain and I love snow. I love weather! I said that out loud in front of my kids when we first moved here, meaning I was loving the changing of the seasons, only they started laughing at me like the funny looking kid in second grade and I have never heard the end of it since. When ever someone in the family says something about the weather, I hear, "I love weather." They always say it weird to poke fun at me.
    Of course, this isn't the only thing they make fun of me over. I give them lots of good material to work with. For instance, back in Cali. my daughter, her friend and I went to a store where they had just finished fixing up the parking lot, which included adding new wood chips to the planting beds. The smell of the fresh wood chips was so strong. I said, "I love the smell of fresh wood chips." You'd think I had come up with the joke of the century. My daughter and her friend laughed like crazy. Now when I say something that they consider funny or weird, they mimic me and say, "I love the smell of fresh wood chips." Only they say it with an English accent.
     Where is it written that a mom has to put up with this kind of stuff from people she has devoted her life to?

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  1. lol! I can't tell if this is a serious post or a joke.