Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Lucky Seven


  I was tagged by another writer/blogger to be one of "The Lucky Seven". It's a fun way of posting seven lines of a work in progress from either the seventh or seventy-seventh page, where you go seven lines down and post seven lines of your story. I had to read this a couple of times to get it, but I'm challenged that way.
     This is supposed to be very random and for fun, to see what is happening in a few lines from the middle of no where is your book. So here goes.
     These few lines are from my first book. The hero, a post Civil War Texas Ranger, has been shot and almost died and he's remembering the murder of a good friend and his family. The book is called, "In the Shadow of the Mountains."

It was a part of the risk of living in a wild and untamed land, but that had changed six months ago when his friend Nate Moreland and his family were slaughtered. 
            Memories of what had happened to the Moreland's haunted him.  He tried to chase away the images but they wouldn’t leave him.  Tom closed his eyes and saw it all.
            Nate in his night shirt, lying dead on the floor of his own parlor.  Eliza, Nate’s wife, was behind him on the stairs. She had been shot in the throat and her blood had run down the wall like bright red ribbons.
     Usually you post the first few pages or a certain kind of scene. To pick a random passage feels very strange to me, but here it is.

     Now I have to go and tag seven more writers. Have a good day all. I have Tiffinie Helmer to thank for this. Her second book Moosed-up is out today on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I enjoyed her first book IMPACT so I am looking forward to the second. She writes about Alaska where she grew up and still spends the summer doing commercial fishing. What a life, you should hear her talk about it. Here's a link to her blog check it out if you are interested.


  1. Random scenes are good! Your manuscript looks like it has some real emotion in it.

  2. Tam is right! Wow, lots of emotion in those 7 lines. Thanks so much for playing. This was a fun exercise and you and I can thank/blame Tam for it. Also, thank you for the sweet comments regarding my books. If you want a cheaper way to go to Alaska, pick up one of my books. :)

  3. Very nice! Like you, posting from the middle felt weird, but on the other hand, it lets you see your work from a reader's stand point. I agree, lots of emotion. Great stuff.