Friday, April 20, 2012

A Few Thoughts On Marriage

     I have been thinking about marriage lately, it seems no one in the public eye stays married anymore. Why is that? Have our attention spans become so short that we can't stay focused on anything for more than a few years? Or is our lifestyle of instant gratification making us bored in our marriages, to the point were we can't stick it out? I wonder.
     Marriage is hard sometimes. Ask anyone who's been married for more than a few years. It's hard, boring and sometimes your beloved can really drive you crazy. Not my husband, of course, he never drives me crazy.
     I remember when my hubby and I were first dating and some of our friends would break up and then get back together and then break up again in typical teenage fashion. When we started dating we talked about it and decided that if we ever broke up that would be it. It wouldn't be a back and forth thing. That made our relationship more stable from the beginning.
     Maybe we have made divorce so easy that no one takes their marriage vows seriously anymore. They seem to think, we can just get divorced like everyone else.
     I'm grateful that our church puts so much emphasis on marriage and family. Strong families truly are the backbone of society. I love sitting in church on Sunday's and seeing so many husbands with their arms around their wives and wives tenderly resting their hands on their husbands necks and other tasteful displays of affection. What wonderful examples they are being for their children.
     I wish more couples would take divorce off the table and work out the problems in their relationships rather than walking out at the first sign of discontent.
     Divorce should be the last recourse, not the first.
     These are just a few of my thoughts today.

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  1. I totally agree...the sad part is not everyone even THINKS about marriage anymore, they always seem to skip to the family part. Just living together and having a family a and not thinking that marriage is important. Your blog makes such sense! And of course the public eye just looks the other way so no one is ever embarrassed about living together anymore. I remember being in high school and a friend of mine had an older family friend who had 3 kids and lived with a guy but not married, and I remember being so shocked and sad for her. Now sadly it wouldn't even surprise me. So sad.