Thursday, April 5, 2012

The List

     When most people go to California they plan a list of sights they want to take in and people they want to see, but not my family. We plan our trip around food. What that says about us, I don't really want to know, but that's how we roll.
     On our latest trip, because we were going for the birth of a baby, I didn't really think about the eating part until we were half way there and my daughter asked me what was on the list.  Like a dummy I said, "Huh? What list?" She rolled her eyes and said, "The places we want to eat list."
     "Ohhh! That list." I have to admit once I started letting my mind wander to our favorite eateries, my mouth started to water big time.
     My first thought was fried zucchini from Archibald's(you may have seen that on our facebook page.) Salad and cheese bread from Northwood's Inn (Yummm) A chicken salad from Galaxy burgers. Chips and salsa from Casa Sanchez and the all you can eat special from Casa Jimenez and that's just the tip of the ice burg we had to bring back ten Jack in the Box tacos for my son-in-law. Usually, when someone goes down to So. Cal. they have to bring back Baker's bean and cheese burritos(like twenty of them) for my daughter and her family, with lots of packets of sauce. I almost forgot Graziano's pepperoni sandwiches and their hot wings with ranch. And just so were not biased against our Utah favs, we put Coldstone on the list. We managed that one twice.
     Is it any wonder we have to diet before and after we go on our trips? We may not see all the sights, but we eat really well. Don't be like us.

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