Friday, April 13, 2012

What Would You Do If?

     I didn't post yesterday. Did you notice? My computer wouldn't connect to the internet. I don't know if it was a computer problem or an internet problem. Either way, it's a pain in the neck and it makes me go crazy. If you ask my hubby and kids they will tell you that you have never seen me so freaked out as when my computer isn't doing what I want it to do.
     Does this mean I'm addicted to my computer and the world of cyber-space. Maybe, I'm addicted to all of you and the instant access I have to my friends via the internet. I do check Facebook about a thousand times a day just to see if I'm missing anything.
     Is there a self-help group like compulsive internet users anonymous? Maybe I should start one, if there's not.
We can all sit around and talk about why we love to be on our computers and how we feel when we can't get on. Of course, we'd have to ban iphones and smartphones so those people can't be online as we are working through our addictions. Do I really want to work through this addiction? Probably not.
     Do you all freak out as much as I do? What would you do if you couldn't get online for an extended period of time? Would you be relieved? Or would you view it as a vacation? What would you do instead?

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