Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Liam is Here

     After driving for ten hours on Friday to make it to So. Cal. I was able to be with my daughter when she had her first baby. Liam Stefan Johnson arrived at 4:15 am on Saturday morning, hours after I got here. He is adorable and I want to spend hours kissing his little face. Liam weighed in at 7lbs 3.5oz. and I think he was 20 inches long.
     Seeing your baby have her baby is one of the miracles that makes you step back and realize what is important in this life. Family, it all starts and ends there, with the people you love so much it hurts.
     I keep hoping that Katie and her hubby move up to Utah so they can be closer to all of us and I think a plan is in the works, but now that Liam is here, it cant' be soon enough.
     I want to be able to kiss his perfect little face whenever I see him. I want to see him start crawling around our house with all of his cousins all around him. I want to see him take his first few steps. I need to be around to help his mom with all the tough decisions you face while raising a child. I want to be a part of his life.
     I wrote a blog a few weeks ago called The Kind Of Monna I Want To Be and it still fits.
     I need to be a part of my grandkids lives. If I never do anything else important in my life that will suffice, being a mom and a grandmother.

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