Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm Learning Something New

     I have always admired people who could draw or paint. I wish I was gifted in that area, but I'm really not. Despite that fact I have signed up for an art class taught at our local Hobby Lobby. Monday night was our first class. The focus of this section is water colors.
     So last Monday night I got a beef stew in the crock pot early and at 5:30 headed over. Don't you hate those first few minutes of something like that, where you don't know anyone and everyone is checking each other out and you don't know if you're in the right place or doing the right thing. It's nerve racking. I hate it, but I stuck it out and had a great time. We painted magnolia blossoms and the teacher was awesome, so patient with everyone. There were six of us, all women, although the youngest one was a young girl who was 13, not quite a woman. I admire her for sitting with all of us old ladies to learn a new hobby.
     I had to warn the fam that I wouldn't be home on Monday evening and then I had to tell them why. The reaction ran from a confused look and the word, "Why?" to "Really? I'm proud of you, Mom, for trying something new." Shocker there. That came from my 13 year old who hates everything right now.
     I can't say I have been blessed with any gifts, but I had fun and am learning something and that feels good. If I can get up the courage maybe I'll post a painting or two, or not. :)

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