Thursday, May 3, 2012

38 Minutes a Week?!!!

     My daughter told me the other day that she heard they did a study where they discovered that parents talk to their teenagers, on average, 38 minutes a week. My first thought was, that's way too much!
     All kidding aside, who are these parents and where the heck are they that they only talk to them for thirty-eight minutes a week. I spent more time nagging my fourteen-year-old to clean her half of the bathroom, yesterday alone. Then there was the 60 minutes on the couch helping her with her English homework. I endure about an hour of her coming into my bedroom almost every night complaining about how awful her life is and that she is fat and ugly. I did mention she is fourteen right? I spend hours every week trying to boost her self-esteem and tell her she has a great life and she should be grateful. I explain to her, in my mom voice, that if she answers me in her nasty tone of voice, the one she doesn't hear coming from herself, one more time that I'm going to take away her phone for all eternity. That has to take up 38 minutes daily at least.
     Then there is dinner time where we all get hear her complain that she hates what we are having for dinner and we never have anything good to eat in the whole stinking house, even though our grocery bill exceeds our mortgage payment every month. This is about an hour every night with added meals on the weekends, it's a lot more time spent in enduring to the end- I mean in conversation with my teenager.
     So I say again, who are these parents that only spent 38 minutes talking to their teenagers every week? I want phone numbers, so I can find out how they do it.


  1. I know you can't be talking about Kaelyn, shes an angel...