Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life At Disneyland

     You may have noticed I haven't been posting this week because we are in So. Cal enjoying Disneyland. I walked by a man on a cell phone the other day and I heard him say, "They call this the happiest place on earth, they should call it the most expensive place on earth." At the risk of being thought rude for listening, I had to laugh. On our first day, food cost us about ninety dollars, and we didn't eat there, not meals anyhow. We snacked. Now, I realize our family is three times the size of average families, but still!
     We now have our own waters, lunchables, string cheese and applesauce cups to haul in with us.
     Another thought on Disneyland, what an interesting compilation of people you see there. I chatted with a lady from Seattle who, I thought was sitting with her grandkids, as I was, only to find out the baby she was watching was her's. I was surprised, because she had long gray hair and was wearing a long skirt. She told me that her doctor told her she was at an extremely advanced age to have her first, he is now six, and she was five years older with her second. I wanted to ask her how old she was, so bad, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
     Then there was the lady, who I didn't talk to, who had a bondage theme going on with her tattoos. She was walking the park with her two small children. Then you have the parents who look like gang members. It's no wonder they now screen for weapons as you enter the park.
     You can hear any number of languages being spoken in one day. It's a mini UN in there. All in all, most folks are on their best behavior. Maybe it's being there for the kids that makes it easier for everyone to get along. Maybe if we put kids first all the time we could stop the craziness that sometimes takes over our world. Just a thought.

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