Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Germ Fairy has Been Here

     How is it you can go weeks without any illnesses or major disasters and then just when you plan a trip everything goes crazy? We have been slammed with the flu at our house and I am watching it wind its way through the family one person at a time. So far we have had five people get it and we still have several more to go. I pray it skips them, especially the hubbster. He has to work. There is no calling in sick for the self-employed. 
     We are supposed to leave for California on Sat. and I don't know how we will be able to travel if someone has the full on flu. We already have tendencies towards car sickness and when you throw the flu in on top of that, forget about it. I usually carry a few ziploc bags for those who get to feeling queasy in the car, for this flu bug I may be packing boxes of them and lots of rolls of TP. I'm telling you this bug is merciless.
     Sometimes I wonder if there is a little fairy that goes around carrying a wand full of germs and taps people on the head as soon as they have something important or fun planned, so that you have to cancel at the last minute due to illness. If there is, I want to find that little fairy and kick her heiny. 
     This will be our one and only trip for the summer, so keep your fingers crossed that we make it. Preferably without the vomiting into ziploc bags and the accompanying potty stops.

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