Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In the Good Old Summer Time

     Batten down the hatches moms. There is only two more days of school after today. And you know what that means. It means sleeping in, and going to the Roy Pool, and late nights with all the neighbor kids playing ghost in the graveyard. It means warm weather and bar-b-ques, sweaty, sun-tanned kids leaving the door open while the air conditioner tries to keep the house cool.
     Before you know it the Fourth of July will be here and we get to enjoy all the parades and fireworks. Then we get to have our second Fourth of July on Pioneer Day. I have to admit that took some getting used to for me when we moved here five years ago. I didn't know some of the stores shut down on Pioneer Day. What's up with that? We didn't have that in So. Cal. but I'm used to it now.
     After Pioneer Day it's a slippery slope right into the next school year. Which means school clothes and backpacks, pencils and glue sticks. And it's so hard to get the kids to bed at a decent time when the sun is still up.
     Hello summertime. I hope it's as fun as I'm trying to make it sound here.

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