Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Frustration Runneth Over

     I have to confess to a bad case of frustration lately. And it's not big things that are making me frustrated, it's little things that are driving me crazy. For example, we had not one, but two birthday parties this weekend for my darling granddaughters and I planned ahead and even had the gifts ready. A rare event in this house. What made me want to scream was when I went to get gift bags for said gifts, all I had was Christmas bags. Now, let me say that every time I go to the dollar store I stock up on birthday gift bags, so I can't understand where they go. I know I am not using that many. It's a good thing they were turning 2 and 3 and they didn't care that we only had Christmas bags. It made my head spin though.
     Another example of my lack of planning skills was on Sunday when I was making meat loaf for dinner. All of the onions left in my cold storage have sprouted and taken on some strange life form. You can't make meat loaf without onions though. Thankfully, my neighbor came to the rescue, but I hate being in that position.
     I like having what I need, when I need it. I like planning my meals and having everything in the fridge or pantry I am going to use for those meals. No matter how hard I try, however, it seems like I am never prepared the way I want to be. I could go on and on and list a weeks worth of situations just like these, but you get my point.
     I have been doing the wife, mother, homemaker thing for a long time now and I still don't have it down. Maybe, there is no hope for me. My frustration runneth over. Don't be like me. 

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