Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Call Me Back I Dare You!!!

     I was in the middle of making dinner last night when the phone rang. I picked it up and said hello and on the other end a woman immediately went into her spiel about donating to her charity. I politely was declining when I realized she had hung up on me. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?! First you call and interrupt my day and then you hang up on me without so much as a, "Thanks anyway, or maybe next time."
     Call me back lady, I dare you. I would like to tell you just what I think of your organization and the people who work for it. It would be a short conversation and you will know when I hang up on you.
     I happen to notice on my caller ID that this same organization has called three times in the last couple of weeks so maybe the computer will dial my number again. I hope I am the one who answers the phone. It will be the highlight of my disappointing week.
     I don't like rudeness. I don't feel like there should be a place for it in our society. And I try to be kind and polite to everyone despite my road rage at people who drive ten miles under the speed limit. You know who you are. Yet, I don't roll down my window and yell at you, or display any unladylike gestures. I keep my road rage to myself. Is it too much to expect others to do the same, especially when they call and beg for money we work hard to earn.
     The next person who is rude to me better watch it.  The pressure is building and you may be near when I go off.
     Please disregard today's post. The hormones are talking.  

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